Angel Eyes Dogs Foundation for Tear Stains

Welcome to Angel Eyes Dogs Foundation for Tear Stains, a foundation committed to promoting healthy tear stain free eyes for your dogs.

We know the feeling of coming home and being greeted by your little angel, who is standing there wagging their tail looking up at you with their big puppy dog eyes. Eyes that are cute enough to give even a naughty dog a halo. Unfortunately, your pet might have a little bit of discoloration around their eyes. Red and brown discoloration commonly known as tear stains is caused in some dog breeds because they have an over active tear duct leading to excessive tear production, and insufficient tear drainage. The excessive moisture under the eyes causes bacteria and yeast to grow. You may even notice that your pets tear stains can be more visible after a walk outside. Though this problem may be more common in certain dog breeds, it is something no pet owner should be happy about.

Angels eyes for dogs foundation is committed to inform you about Epiphora which is the medical term for tear stains. These unsightly stains can be visibly diminished with tear stain product. If you are looking to buy such a product you might want to look at the list of ingredients; for example Angels Eyes for dogs Information. Many products on the market contain an ingredient called Tylosin, which is an antibiotic that when used in a daily supplement can cause your pet to build a resistance to it. This is particularly bad because if your little angel gets sick in the future the antibiotic might not be as effective. When choosing a tear stain product make sure to look for ones that contain all natural ingredients that will be safe for your pets. Looking at the review site you might notice that there are many products listed one being angels eyes for dogs. There is a new Angels Eyes Beef formula that does not contain Tylosin. To read about this product, please refer to Angels’ Eyes Reviewed page.

This foundation is only committed to healthy, happy pets! We believe that a healthy pet is one free from the uncomfortable buildup of bacteria ridden tear stains. Your pets health is important to you, and to us because we believe that all animals deserve to be healthy, happy, and that they should be treated in a humane way. There are many other foundations that you can help and support if you too are an animal love, one being the well known humane society. Which is committed to stopping animal cruelty, helping wild life, and supporting pets who don’t have homes you can learn more about dogs here.

While using products that will ultimately help your dog, grooming your dog can also help to reduce the look and build up of tear stains. Trimming around your dogs eyes can help to clear the old crusty bacteria left behind, unfortunately you can only trim your dogs hair so much. That is why a dog tear stain remover can come in handy.
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