Remove Tear Stains From Your Angels Eyes by Grooming Your dog

When we bring home our little angel, we automatically add a new member to our family. We strive to keep them healthy, safe and protected. This means buying nutritional food, updating their vaccinations as needed, and keeping their hair/fur maintained. While most people are adamant about the first two, most people don’t consider the health benefits of grooming their little angels. So that other health related issues do not arise in the future. To get information on grooming your dog and keeping their eyes healthy from tear stains, please refer to sites like

Some dog owners are unaware of health related events that can happen in their dog’s lives. Even something as seemingly benign as tear stains can affect the quality of life of your family pet. Some dogs can get hip dysplasia, allergies, ear odor and some can develop tear stains around their eyes. These stains are often brown or red in color and crusted around the eyes. These stains are often associated with breeds like Maltese, Poodles, Shih-Tzu’s and Bulldogs. If you’re interested in helping dogs in need of eye care products like Angels Eyes for dogs please visit this site

Tear stains often occur when the hair enters the eye area and collects tears irregularly. This then causes a thick crust to build up by the dog’s eyes. Grooming your dog is helpful to reduce the look of unsightly tear stains.
Grooming your angel can sometimes be a difficult duty because some dogs cannot tolerate bath time. Dogs often get anxious when they hear the tub water come on or see you bring out that comb. Often times you find yourself wondering why you take on the task of bathing your dog and then you remember because it’s often a cheaper way to address the issues going on with your dogs hair/fur.

Some dog owners prefer to bathe their dog even if it’s a difficult task because it saves them money. If you had to pay to get your dog groomed that can be more than $30 at a dog salon/grooming facility, at least one time a month. So, electing a tear stain supplement may be a better alternative. Read reviews on tear stain supplements to elect the best option possible.

Instead you can use the $30 to buy at home eye care products for your pet so you can use them regularly as needed. Products like i-clenz can be used to wipe away stains with a cotton ball. This is a liquid solution that can be used daily or as needed to reduce the look of crusty stains near the eyes of your dog. To read i-clenz reviews, you can refer to alternative websites on the internet.

How often Should Your Dog Exercise?

We have all experienced the joy of meeting and bringing the newest member of your family home. Once you bring home your new baby, you will begin to understand the effort and satisfaction you will feel by raising him/ or her. As dogs transition from puppyhood to adult doggy-hood, they require a lot of care and attention. For example, the time it takes them to learn their name, becoming potty trained, learning somewhat right from wrong and the everyday challenges it takes to make sure they are healthy.

One of the key components in the health of a dog is their activity level. Exercise affects more than just the health of the dog. It is directly linked to the mood and energy level of your pet. Did you know that your dog’s exercise needs are dependent on its size, breed, age, and current health? This is often overlooked when we think of bringing home our furry family member.

Dogs are like infants. As they grow they need exercise, time to play and healthy meals. Exercising your dog can be rewarding for both you and your pet; plan activities that incorporate games we typically associate with dogs. Exercise for a dog can be more time consuming since you have to actively participate the entire time. This means you may have to get up, go outside and throw their ball around or even a Frisbee will do.
For those of us who are active and looking for new ideas to exercise with your dog be sure to review our suggested ideas. (Create Pull Idea’s list) One popular activity is taking your dog on a hike. Another option is a nature run. These two options will give your new companion an opportunity to get some fresh air, and you both can get a change of scenery. Dogs love being outside, so they will love to feel as if they are roaming the world!

Larger breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Hounds need the most exercise; because they are highly energetic and often considered working breeds. These larger breeds need anywhere from 30 minutes of exercise – to a couple hours a day. Whereas, smaller breeds like a Yorkie, Maltese, Pug, or Chihuahua will only need 20-30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. These smaller dogs can go on short walks like a block or so around the neighborhood. However, if you try to travel further distances, they may become tired and you may find yourself caring them home.

If you want to get a dog, think about the size, breed , and exercise it will need to stay healthy and happy.