How to train your dog to Do Tricks

Dogs are known as mans best friends, and even act as parts of peoples families. They are some of the smartest animals around, and come in many different breeds. Both small and large have been companions to humans for over 14,000 years. Today there are service dogs of all types that can do anything from sensing diabetic shock, and seizures to helping people cross the street in a wheel chair, to being able to detect a bomb detection. They have been helping humans by protecting them, hunting with them, and can be trained to ride a skate board. You have probably seen your fair share of dogs doing back flips, or dogs that will bark happy birthday. I’m sure you might have even bought your furry friend thinking you were going to teach it all sorts of things but you probably didn’t know where to start. So in this guide I’m going to teach you some tips on how to train your dog. I can’t promise you that after finishing this article that your pup will be able to bark the national anthem or be able to grab a cold beer out of the fridge but you will have an idea of how to train your do to do basic tasks.

The first tip is one of the most important and that is to make sure your dog is tired. A puppy who is too hyper will be distracted by other objects and won’t be focused on you. So make sure to take your dog for a walk before you begin. You don’t need him falling asleep during class but just enough that he won’t be distracted by his own tail.
The next thing you can do with your dog is use small treats to give to your dog when they do something right. Alternate this with giving belly rubs so that your dog will be able to do the tricks without needing food for motivation.

Thirdly do not scold your dog for performing poorly this can cause confusion in your dog. If you just taught him to give you hip paw and now your teaching him to roll over don’t yell at him for giving you his paw. Be patient and remember they are like a baby they don’t know what the words mean. For more complex tricks you want to break them down into parts. If you are teaching your dog how to roll over you will want to teach them to sit, then to lay down, then you teach them to roll over in 3 parts until they can remember to roll over in one fluid motion.
Always start with the basics, and with enough patience you too can teach your dog some amazing tricks!